My Story

My name is Alexandra Yilmaz and I live in Italy with my two children and my husband. I am from the United Kingdom and my husband is from Turkey.

Since my children were born I have been trying to find books to support their learning. Untill one day I decided it would be nice to share my love of reading with other people and I started selling books to friends and family.

Who is Alexandra

It is now my full time job and I love it.
My business is 1to1Books and I am a representative
in Italy for a company of children’s bookshops that supplies English and foreign books in Europe.
At the beginning of our journey we had 15 publishers, but now we have 65 in total.

I really like the choice I’ve made and am always looking for collaborators to join my company in Italy to sell and
share the love of reading.

Rather than simply “sell books” I have created a community of online friends who have the same interests as I do – which is books!


Educating our children to love books but also spreading the knowledge of the English language from an early age.


Bring Books to every people I'm in contact with is my mission. I can encourage people in reading more and help them in chosing the perfect book for them.


I really believe in the power of culture and books! I think they can change us and the entire world!


I want to see my community of reader to grown more and more!

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