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Confessions of 1to1books

I decided in February to take a very quick trip to England because I wanted to see my family before a very busy Spring Season. Usually in the Spring I’m usually very busy because I travel around Europe visiting many schools and providing books for thousands of children.

But when I travelled back to Italy on the 22nd of February our whole world would never be the same again.

When we were told that everything was going to be closed due to the Coronavirus I, like many other freelancers felt very scared of the future of my business. For a few weeks I was scared and helpless.

Fortunately a Facebook friend got in contact and told me about a Story Mob she and some other friends were organising and then things started to get better.

During our StoryMob everyone read a story live on Facebook and then posted it on the event page. We were many people reading at the same time and during this time I was so happy to be apart of an incredible group of teachers and educators.

Since then I have had a few bad days but mostly I’ve had good days. I started a course last month and I’ve been studying and learning about social media and how to help it improve my business.

I actually really enjoy my business online and though I miss travelling around Europe in my car. I think if I can improve online then I won’t need to travel as much and I can be more with my family.

I know that when this is all over I will look at the world in a different way. I will try and appreciate what I have and feel lucky for my family and friends and the life I have.